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  • Rearrange your list of bittorrent engines!
  • Hey Torrentponders!,

    We are glad to announce two new features that have just been added to the site:

    • * You can now change the order of your favorite search engines in the sidebar. You just need to log in (signup here if you don't have an account already!), and in your profile page go to "Other Preferences". You will be able to edit the order of the engines list intuitively, just by dragging and dropping.
    • * You can also hide the sites that you don't use from the sidebar. Just drag them out of the "Displayed" list into the "Hidden" one. You will see the changes applied instantly, and they'll be saved automatically for your next visits to

    We also did some routine bug fixing to improve the overall experience of the site.
    We hope you continue enjoying Torrentpond --and don't wait to sign up if you don't have an account already!

    See you around

    The TorrentPond Team


  • Create your profile and customize the site
  • Dear Torrentponders,

    You can now signup to create your profile on using your email address or Facebook Connect.

    With your profile, you will be able to customize the site:

    • * rearrange the list of your favorite bittorrent engines! We will save your choices so that the next time you come to visit the bittorrent engines will remain in the same order.
    • * bookmark searches, so you can search the torrent sites quicker and detect new torrents immediately.
    • * enable our TorrentPond widgets toolbar to get even more features.

    That's all folks! But stay tuned, we will keep adding more useful stuff shortly.

    TorrentPond Staff


  • TorrentPond v2.15 has been released!
  • Hey TorrentPonders! We are happy to announce that a new version of TorrentPond has just been released, and it includes some cool new features:

    • * Dynamic Search Suggestions. You will see instant suggestions of popular searches as you type your query, before hitting Enter (very much like Google does).
    • * Cloud. We have a new tab with a cloud of popular keywords and searches of the day. You can check it to see the latest search trends.
    • * Keywords Statistics. We keep a log of all the searches and generate weekly statistics based on that data.
    • * Search Engines Statistics. We also save the data about what search engines are being used in our site. You will see this info both in a chart and in two graphs showing a ranking of engines from most to least popular.

    As you might have noticed, the top tabs have been rearranged in order to include these new features. We are sure you will find your way around anyway ;)

    Cheers! The TorrentPond Team

    PS. Don't forget to stop by our Forum and take part in the community, and let us know what you think of the new features!


  • Try our Toolbar with Live Chatroom
  • Hey guys! As you might have noticed, we have added a new toolbar on TorrentPond.
    It's the blue bar that you see at the bottom of the page, and it features:

    • * A Live Chatroom where you can log in with your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or Yahoo! accounts and chat with other members.
    • * A live translation tool that switches the language of the page you are on without reloading. You can now access TorrentPond in more than 30 languages!
    • * Sharing tools: Twitter and Facebook's "Like" and "Become a fan" buttons are accessible from every page.

    What's your opinion about it? Log into the Forum and tell us what you think. Thanks!


  • Welcome to the new version of TorrentPond!
  • We are happy to announce the launch of!
    The new site now features a completely redesigned look that is much cleaner and neater in appearance and functionality.This new version keeps the same features of version 1.0, and remains the leading torrent engines portal you already knew and loved - only better!

    We are also pleased to announce that we have added some new pages, which can be accessed via the top navigation bar:

    • * The News page (you are here now!) will work like a TorrentPond blog, where you can read about the latest site changes and features.
    • * The Forum, where we will develop and support a community of torrent lovers. Here you can ask questions for other TorrentPond users or just share your thoughts on anything torrent-related.
    • * Now you can also suggest an idea to the developers of the site, or just vote for ideas that users suggest.
    We feel that this is a new beginning for the site and we want to share the ride with you guys, so be sure to keep us bookmarked and let us know what you think of our new look! :)

    The TorrentPond Team